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Aftercare and Follow Up Services

What To Expect After Pest Control Treatments?

Often after a residential or commercial customer has had a pest control treatment it is not uncommon for them to call up within a week or so worried that they still have pest issues. The table below will provide you with some info on how long to wait before calling us.




Large cockroaches, webbing spiders, red back spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish, creamy coloured crickets, any existing wasp nests

6 Weeks

• Cockroaches will be flushed out and will continue to be flushed out for up to 6 weeks.

• If you normally get regular yearly treatments, you will see pests dying all year round.

• You might notice cockroaches and other pests walking slowly.

• Large cockroaches and other insects have to come across the insecticide for them to die, IT DOES NOT WORK BY SMELL, otherwise, we will be affected.

German Cockroaches

6 Weeks

• You should get a 70-80% reduction of German cockroaches in the first week.

• They should all be gone in 6 weeks.

• If your treatment was considered severe, you will need 2 treatments.

• If you have any baby cockroaches reappear, wait 1 further week, if you still have the German cockroaches, please call us back to rectify as you get a 3 month warranty


6 weeks

• Spiders will be flushed out.

• Spiders around windows will be reduced by 80-90%.

• Red backs should be reduced by 90-100% depending on initial severity.

• If you had a severe red back issue, we suggest another external treatment after 3 months, to remove any new population build ups.

• If you live in a bushy suburb and a lot of trees around the property, You will never stop spiders 100%.


6 Weeks

• It is common to continue to see ants up to 3 weeks after treatment

• The ants will carry the insecticide back to the nest

• If you have been provided with ant bait, please use as per technicians instructions

• If ants appeared scattered or dying the treatment is working


4 Weeks

• It is common to hear or see an increase in rodent activity after the treatment has been done

• The increase in activity is because they become attracted to the baits

• You may hear the rats/mice playing, dragging, and throwing the bait blocks in the roof void

• This will subside over the next 3-4 weeks

• Do not seal off any entrance/exit points until the infestation is under control.


3-4 Weeks

• 2nd treatments may be required

• Vacuum daily after the day of treatment as this will assist the eggs hatching and the pupae being released from their eggs

• You may continue to see fleas and be bitten for up to 3 weeks


6 Weeks

• Bed bugs will decrease over the next 6 weeks.

• Expect a 50% reduction in the 1st week.

• You may still see and get bitten over the next few weeks, but that will decrease.

• If after 6 weeks you are still getting bitten or seeing bed bugs, a 2nd treatment may be required.

• If you are not getting bitten, but you feel see or think there are bed bugs, give us a call to discuss.

Does a Rain Downpour Affect Pest Control Treatments?

If your home has had a recent pest control treatment to it’s exterior and it rains not long after, there is a very big chance that your treatment will NOT be affected by the rain.
And here is why….

We treat the exterior of the home/building

By ensuring that we don’t spray wet surfaces. The pesticides we use needs to
“bind” with the area it is being applied to. However, the time it takes to bind to a surface is not too long, usually about 2-hours.

Pest chemicals are formulated

In a way so that they are not easily soluble, meaning that they have a longer lasting effect, where they take longer to breakdown and don’t wash away easily. This helps them to adhere to their application areas better and create a longer lasting barrier.

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It is the aim of Sydney pest services to provide the most effective service, if the weather is not appropriate for the treatment, it is not in our best interest to proceed. We encourage our customers to get in touch with us if there are any concerns or questions about a scheduled appointment.

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